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Fearless Wellness with Nikki and Sydney


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It’s summer! Let’s have a love affair with the sun

So it’s really, really good to get your skin and your eyes in the sun, but as a nation and as a culture we’ve been taught that we need to cover up, we need to protect from the sun, it’s bad for your skin, you might get cancer- that the sun is our enemy.

And we wanna talk about why sun exposure is really good for many reasons and how to avoid the bad parts of the sun by not getting burned and helping take care of your skin if you ever do.

Real advice on emergency preparedness Part 2

What we were talking about is why building something that we like to call “health storage” is probably the most important thing you could do. Even for that emergency situation, because you can handle it better emotionally and physically, you can be fit and stable and have enough energy to be able to do what is required of you in that emergency situation.

Real advice on emergency preparedness

As members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. We have been counseled to have a supply of food and other emergency preparedness items. And these days it’s not hard to see why this is really good counsel. So today, Sydney, and I wanna talk to you guys. What we feel is the most important part of emergency preparedness.

The Truth about Emotional Eating

One reason that we eat is to nourish our bodies. The other reason that we eat is to nourish our emotions, but that’s what we wanted to talk about today. The truth about emotional eating so that you guys can start to delineate between them and know that you have more options when you are faced with an emotional eating challenge.

7 Consequences of Eating Protein

I was having a lot of hair in my drain. Like I was having a lot of hair in my drain. And so I went to, my yearly kind of review of labs with a practitioner. And she’s. Going through a few things and saying, you probably need to up your, up your digestion with taking some stomach acid boosters. and then she said, and I think it’s really going to help with the hair because there’s nothing else here that looks like you, like a reason why you might be thinning your hair.

3 Golden Rules for Wellness

The first one is to love foods that love you back. The second one is to love yourself and change the way that you view your story. The third rule is love other people

10 Consequences of Eating Fat

We are big fans of fat. And the nice thing is, even though the eighties were super wrong about fat, the 2020s are starting to get it right.

Sharing Goodness

The reason why we want to share this with you is because when we see people see people change, it is so fun and encouraging, and we love sharing these things with you because we want you to feel empowered and encouraged to be able to take control and take your power back for your own life, that your lifestyle.

Is Alzheimers avoidable?

I went to the funeral and I was seeing my family members and I was going to hug them and say, and you know, commiserate with them and love them. And I couldn’t remember their names and I. Freaked out. I mean, I had to go into the bathroom. I kind of started hyperventilating a little bit because I’d never had that experience before and forgetting people that you love is frightening.

Sweet tooth and family history of cancer

All of these lifestyle factors play a huge part in our favorite place to be, which is in prevention. So like we were saying, we’re not trying to treat your cancer. We’re trying to be an adjunct support if you already have it, or we are trying to help you never get it in the first place.

How to escape your genetics of Type 2 Diabetes

If you look at people who have type two diabetes, they are more likely to have people in their family that also have diabetes, obesity, or other risk factors, but it’s hard to know if that influence is due to genes alone or a shared environment and lifestyle.

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