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Yoga for lowering cortisol with Alli Louthain

If you have noticed that you have some health challenges and you have just started heading to the gym every day. You’ve been going for six months and you haven’t been losing weight or you just feel more stressed out or you just feel kind of crappy that’s the focus today.

The reason why that might be the case is that you are putting your cortisol at levels that are unhealthy for you. And that puts the rest of your hormones out of balance, and that causes weight, gain and stress and in your life that you don’t need. And so that’s why we want to focus on cortisol today and how yoga can help balance that cortisol help give you the nutritious movement that you need in your life, as opposed to depleting your body of the things that it needs to heal and help you like Allie regain your health so that you can set those long-term bigger goals and feel successful as opposed to just feeling totally defeated.

What to eat when you are pregnant

The best time to nourish your body to have a healthy pregnancy is before, but nourishing your body while you’re pregnant is going to help you after you’re pregnant. And I know it’s hard to think about what’s coming when you’re in the throws of pregnancy, especially if you get super sick, but we want to help you see into the future of what’s going to happen after you’re pregnant and the benefits of nourishing your body during your pregnancy.

What you should eat to prepare for pregnancy

What should you eat when you’re preparing for pregnancy and does it really matter? In our society. There’s a wide variety of ways that people prepare for pregnancy.
They do it by trying to lose weight. They start to take prenatal vitamins from Walmart or Costco or from their OB. They buy ovulation predictors, or they work with a fertility doctor. But we feel like the most important way to prepare is to use nutritional therapy, to nourish your body and balance your hormones.

4 tips to prevent chemicals from disrupting your hormones

These are decisions that are just once and done. And that’s fun because a lot of people do have a hard time be able to change breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks tomorrow.
But you know what you can do tomorrow? You can go to the store and buy glass dishes.

What is holding you back?

Is it more expensive to eat nutrient dense foods or conventional foods? Do you save more time by taking care of yourself or making your day super efficient? Does your social life suffer when you start creating lifestyle changes?

Pasture Raised vs. Pasteurized

These two ideas might not seem totally related at all, but we are calling our podcast pasture raised versus pasteurized because we want to explore whether we should focus on avoiding germs or on giving the body the things that it needs to be strengthened.

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