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5 Habits that will change your life

Sydney and I want you to know and understand that nutritional therapy has the power to change your life. And so today we’re going to share with you five steps that you can take in your life with regards to nutritional therapy that can change your life.

The 5 Tools of Nutritional Therapy

The formula for doing nutritional therapy and things that help your body is pretty simple. It’s get the bad stuff out. And the good stuff in. The hard part is knowing what the bad stuff and the good stuff are.

What do sugar addiction and high blood pressure have in common?

Have you ever had someone tell you that you have high blood pressure? What is one piece of advice that many people receive when they’re told they have high cholesterol? To stop consuming so much salt. It makes sense right? Some people even respond well to eating less salt.

But what if eating salt wasn’t actually the problem? What if something else was making the salt too high, leading to high blood pressure?

6 unknown signs your low blood sugar levels are calling for help

Do you crave coffee or sugar in the afternoon? Do you feel sleepy in the afternoon? Do you feel exhaustion that is relieved by eating? Do you experience headaches when you’ve skipped a meal or delayed a meal, or do you feel like it’s hard to manage your emotions when you haven’t eaten in a while? Or do you have shaky hands?

The surprising effect of soda on your body

Soda is craveable in so many ways. There’s the fizz that creates a party in your mouth. The flavors are so nostalgic. The sweetness that satisfies your front row taste bud and gives you a dopamine rush it, just thinking about it.

Sugar cravings aren’t just a matter of will power

Sugar cravings aren’t just a matter of willpower. If you have a lot of sugar cravings throughout your day, it doesn’t mean anything negative about you. You have plenty of willpower. So if this is the case that you don’t need any more willpower, what do you need?

How many days being constipated, is too long?

[00:00:48] Sydney: Let’s talk about the answer to this question. First thing we’re actually going to give you two answers. The first one is what the medical community considers a normal frequency, but we are going to give you what we consider an optimal frequency. We love optimal.

Why Does the Smell of Perfume make me Sick?

We’re going to go through what is likely happening in this situation and what you can do about it, which will come as a huge relief for those of you that deal with this because these artificial smells are everywhere, it can be really frustrating, especially when you’re stuck in a vehicle, a house, a bus, a store on a bench or at a doctor’s office or a workspace, or even your friend’s house.

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