Client success stories with cutting out sugar

And they took her blood sugar numbers and she was not diagnosed as a type two diabetic any longer. And her blood pressure was doing amazingly well and she'd lost 15 pounds. So, if you're out there and you're thinking to yourself that this is not a possibility for you, that yeah, that's all fine and good Sydney, you guys are in your forties. So that's, you know, that's when you can still improve your health and, and that's when you still have control over your future. but I'm too old and there's nothing that can be done. And this is my fate. For those of you that might be thinking that I just wanna tell you that you do not have to be locked in. There are amazing things that can happen no matter what age you are.

[00:00:00] Sydney: Hey, it’s Nikki in Sydney, and this is episode 69 client success stories. This is fearless wellness, a podcast for women who are experiencing hormone issues and difficulty losing weight.

[00:00:14] Nikki: Here we will give you bite-sized tips to help you balance your hormones and We’re your hosts, Nikki Walton. 

[00:00:20] Sydney: And Sydney.

[00:00:21] Nikki: We are functional nutritional therapy practitioners, and We want to be your health coaches. Ready? Let’s go

[00:00:33] Sydney: so we just love hearing client success stories, and we thought you guys might like to hear them too. It’s just really fun to hear what’s possible in people’s lives, even though it’s not a full on study, we feel. Hearing that what people are doing and what the human body is capable of when given the tools that it needs to be healthy and well are really fun and encouraging to start making baby steps in your own life, to be able to choose better food, to hydrate better, to, to digest better, to calm things down, to be more mindful, all these things.

[00:01:08] So let’s get started. Nick, you wanna share one?

[00:01:11] Nikki: Yeah, let’s talk about this all day. Let’s make this like a three hour episode I actually was thinking about that, that we need to do more client success stories like client success, Saturday or something. We’ll do that in the future. So the first client is I’m working with him right now. And I shared a little bit about him, um, on Instagram at TikTok, but he actually has, this is the second time that I am working with he and his wife.

[00:01:40] And so he pretty much knew the routine he knew that we needed to get back on doing things, to support his digestion chewing. Being mindful, upping his hydrochloric acid, all of the basic things that Cindy and I talk about all the time. And so it was really fun to have he and his wife come back. Um, we had worked together previously when I was in Texas, but then we had hurricane Harvey.

[00:02:06] And so I kind of had to shut things down for a while, but then they reached out to me again. So it was just fun for them to be familiar with the process. And so they were just ready to hit the ground running. So we got, we got all of the basics going, and then we did my favorite part of the initial working together, which is the reset and this looks different for every client as does everything that we do. We have the basic formula that works with everyone. When we focus on hydration and digestion, blood sugar balance, nutrient dense foods and mindfulness.

[00:02:43] So those are the tools, but what it looks like specifically for each individual person is really a, the factors are a lot different because stress levels are different. Emotional wellbeing is different. Your health history is different. What you’re bringing to the table is different. And so this reset looks different for each person, for him.

[00:03:10] Because he had already had a food sensitivity test done years ago. He just said, I know I’m sensitive to dairy. Like I just know I know I’m sensitive to dairy and I’m like, okay, great. Well, that’s gonna be that. We’re gonna take a break from that as well. We don’t do that with everyone. Um, but for him it was just really obvious that he needed to take a break from dairy.

[00:03:29] And also he was really prepared to just pretty much eliminate everything because he had already worked with me before. And in my opinion, with my clients, the more you eliminate the better because you just have so much more success when you give your body the ability to reset itself. And when you think about it, like sleep, when you sleep and you eliminate everything.

[00:03:56] You’re actually just sleeping. You’re not tossing and turning. You’re not waking up because of noise. You’re not having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. You’re just doing one thing. You’re sleeping. it is so restful and it is so healing and it is so amazing. I personally view the reset and food is the same way.

[00:04:15] The more you get rid of and the less your body has to focus on. Then the better, the, the higher opportunity your body has to really reset itself, to heal and to let you know what’s possible when you give it what it needs, or when you take away things that are burdening it, taking away things that it really doesn’t, that it really doesn’t need.

[00:04:36] And so for him, he was just doing animal products every day, minus dairy, no fruits, um, and some cashews. And. Vegetables, some vegetables, but nothing starchy. Like he was, he does a little bit of spinach. Um, maybe some broccoli here and there, but it’s really not a lot. It’s mostly animal products based and the cashews are his dessert.

[00:05:02] He has his little snack every day. Just one little serving of cashews with some coconut and some Stevie sweetened chocolate. And he’s like, just to let you know, that’s my favorite part of the day. And it is so satisfying.

[00:05:18] Sydney: What a great switch where like the, the luxury is healthy foods still. I love it.

[00:05:23] Nikki: yes. And this is you guys. This is not somebody that has been eating this way, his entire life. I mean, he is living like eating out probably four times a week. um, and eating things that are, I think they made the transition, they kept a couple of things that they learned about from me last time. Like all of their, all of their beef is a hundred percent grass fed, so that’s great.

[00:05:46] All of their dairy is raw, but he was still eating it. And even though he knew he had a sensitivity to it and just really, and, but the eating out component of component of it, when you eat out four times a week, You are, you just don’t have any control over what goes into your body because you have no idea how they’re cooking it.

[00:06:04] And so, so he did the reset and I gotta tell you guys, this is, this is, what’s so exciting about it. I’ve been working with people for a while now, and there’s always weight loss during the reset. That’s why I love it too, because it’s like, ha, now I gotcha. now you’re converted to my ways. And so within, within the first week, his chronic cough, chronic, I mean, we’re talking about this guy sounded asthmatic most of the time and his wife even said, so I, I do his appointment first and they do her appointment second, but they’re in the same room they’re working in their office together.

[00:06:43] And so I said, how did, how did this week go after the first week of the reset? And she said he stopped coughing. And it’s it. That’s huge. That is a huge part of his life. Coughing, coughing at night, coughing in the morning, coughing after a walk coughing while he is sitting at the desk and not just coughing, but sounding like he’s about to cough.

[00:07:04] And so that I was, I was astounded that, that went away so quickly. I mean, it was so, so exciting. And then also when I saw his face, I was like, You look different. It’s so hard to tell if anyone, if any of my clients have lost weight over zoom, it’s like, you just, you can’t really tell sometimes unless it is in their face.

[00:07:27] And with him, it was totally in his face. I was like, Hey, you look good. And he’s like, I’ve lost nine pounds. I’m like, what? What in a week? I, I couldn’t, I just, what I’m like. Okay. That’s a record.

[00:07:46] Sydney: Seriously, holy cow.

[00:07:48] Nikki: yeah. And he, I mean, his goal is his, he’s got quite a bit of weight that he wants to lose. And so it’s just so motivating the first week of making changes like this, that you have that kind of result. I was just like, okay. That is so cool.

[00:08:06] Sydney: Yeah, we should put a disclaimer. This is not a typical result. you should not expect this.

[00:08:12] Nikki: Yes. Yeah, no, it is not a typical result. And, but I have had, I’ve definitely have had clients, many clients, I would say most clients lose seven to nine pounds in the first two weeks. Like that is a typical result for sure. um, on the reset and being super diligent. I mean like guys, I don’t believe in cheat days.

[00:08:33] I’m sorry. but I just do not agree with that idea that rewarding yourself by cheating is a successful way to improve your health. So.

[00:08:47] Sydney: true. That’s kind of that mentality is something that we’re trying to, to kind of root out that, that we’re not trying to reward ourselves by hurting our liver. We’re not trying to reward ourselves by harming our digestion. You know what I mean? Like that, even though it’s a party in your mouth to reward yourself with something like that, um, it’s, it’s really a, a difficulty for your body and, and that.

[00:09:09] We are totally trying to work against or phase that out. That idea that like, if you’re proud of yourself, let’s just find something that’s really gonna support your future self too.

[00:09:20] Nikki: Yes, it is so important. I just, I, it is such a hard mental game to get out of that self sabotage is a reward for good behavior. I just don’t. I just don’t agree with that. And so if you come to work with us, just know that we are going to support you through that process of like Sydney said, phasing it out.

[00:09:45] Um, because it is not, it’s just not beneficial in the long term. Yes. It helps you lose weight, but. That is not our main goal because anybody can lose weight in that paradigm and people do. And that’s why it’s continuously perpetuated because you can lose weight doing that, but we’re not about weight loss.

[00:10:05] We’re about living to play on the floor with your great grandkids. That is what we are all about. Getting up and down off the floor, laughing, crying, and playing and loving your great grandkids. That’s our goal. And you’re not gonna do that with cheat days.

[00:10:22] Sydney: Let’s just get it out there. I love

[00:10:24] Nikki: Right.

[00:10:24] Sydney: cool. So good.

[00:10:26] Nikki: so, yeah. So anyway, he just, he’s just really diligent. And the cool thing about the reset is that it’s only two weeks. You can do anything for two weeks and then you’re locked in because you’re like, okay, I just wanna keep going. And the cool thing is. It keeps going the longer you do it, the longer the success, the deeper, the healing, the more sustainable your health is.

[00:10:48] And you take the power back for being the decision maker for your own health is just so exciting.

[00:10:55] Sydney: I think that when. Um, I feel like I’ve had different comments. Like I’m not totally sure I want to eat like you. And I’m like, what do you think I eat? Like, , it’s like, you know, you talk about no cheat days. It sounds like you’re saying don’t ever eat anything. That’s like sweet again ever, which is not true completely.

[00:11:17] There’s so many nutrient dense options for really satisfying, delicious foods and everything I eat is so yum.

[00:11:24] Nikki: Yeah. And it’s so funny, Sid, because this happens with every single client. It’s so funny. So they do the reset, they see huge amounts of success. And then like three weeks later, they’re like, but wait is this the rest of my life? And I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball. That’s like, you’re, you’re self sabotaging yourself again, saying that you’re gonna be the same person in 10 years or in a.

[00:11:51] You’re and you’re, you’re boxing yourself in by saying, oh no, I’m gonna have to be this person that I am today for the next 10 or 15 years in order to maintain the health that I have had these last two weeks. And I totally get that. Totally get that. But there’s no way to predict who you’re gonna be in the future.

[00:12:12] Sydney: That’s true. And, and I think that it’s, there’s always. It’s always some sort of like, I always just say it’s a, during the reset, it’s not a forever. The reset is kind of like a, it’s a little bit of an extreme, uh, time to, to really nourish yourself and to really give yourself a break from stuff. And then, and then we get to find a new normal, and that’s the fun part is finding your new normal in ways that make you feel good.

[00:12:41] And it’s really funny because the things that we add back in when you’re finding your new normal are really nourishing foods. And, and yet, like they think that they’re eating, you know, like a ice cream sundae, you know what I mean? They’re like I had some goat cheese and it was amazing. I loved it. And you’re like, I love that you’re indulging in goat cheese. I love indulging in goat cheese. Like I love a dessert made from goat cheese with mashed up strawberry lemon and a little honey. It tastes like like cream cheese. What do you call it? Cheesecake. It tastes like cheesecake. It’s amazing. And like, to be able to indulge in foods that are good for you is a really, really fun way to perpetuate and, and keep things going.

[00:13:30] I love it. I’ll tell about one that, um, that I worked with this lady came with a lot of digestion issues and some energy issues and some sleep issues. And it was so fun to watch her. Transformation. She was really good at record keeping. She was really good at keeping her daily food and mood journal. At first, like a long time ago, I started out with like, you need to, you need to give me three days of your week and now I’m like, please give me every day because.

[00:14:05] It’s so helpful to be able to see the story of what’s going on for them. And so she was really good at it, which allowed us to be able to give a lot of good feedback and tweaks and also to be able to observe her transformation that she was taking part in. So kind of similar, we, we got around to the basics.

[00:14:26] One thing that was really fun to watch is how this accountability portion, this, this daily journaling, this weekly meeting with her, it was so transformative where, where, you know, a big shift is just trying to have support during this transition time where you’re trying to transition from standard American diet to.

[00:14:49] Eating nutrient dense foods, maybe we than a price kind of style or just eating real foods. And so it’s just really, it was really fun to watch her shift from week to week to week to eating more, to recognizing like we would, we would kind of like have a refined food count because it’s just, or, or like an identify.

[00:15:08] What, what is a refined food on her, on her food journal? Not with judgment. Just. Curiosity and, and trying to figure out, you know, like where, where do I, where could I focus this week? Like, what things did you do amazing, uh, where, where are some potential problematic foods for you that are causing inflammation that are causing you to not sleep well that are causing digestion issues?

[00:15:33] And so it was so fun, like her refined food count, you know, having it at least a dozen a day at the beginning where, where it’s. Eating white flour, white sugar, white rice, uh, uh, maybe some artificial stuff. You know, like her, her count went just steadily down like this, just like as soon as she started recognizing where her, where her potential, you.

[00:15:59] Problem foods were. And then just having a very simple shift, like instead of buying this, buy this it’s available at the store, it’s delicious. And just making little shifts like that over the course of a few weeks. Uh, she really like, she went, I mean, like in a couple weeks she went from 12 to two to none, you know what I mean?

[00:16:17] Like it was awesome to watch her be able to shift food that quickly. And then, and then when she started her reset, There was. So I feel like most people, you probably get this too, Nikki. I feel like most people come with digestion issues. Most people are like, I feel, I feel like most people, unless it’s really glaring.

[00:16:35] They’re like, no, my digestion’s fine, but I feel like most people come with either a. Constipation or diarrhea or heartburn. And, and I feel like, or bloating, and I think that it kind of fluctuates for people sometimes. Like, I feel like some clients will come with constipation and diarrhea, which usually go hand in hand.

[00:16:55] Um, do you find that’s true? Do you feel like most people come with digestion issues?

[00:16:59] Nikki: Oh, yeah, absolutely. And they, unless they’re glaring like a couple clients that I have where they live and die by knowing where a bathroom is, because their diarrhea is so severe, they just didn’t realize, oh my gosh, I’m bloated most of the time. when they, when the bloating goes away, they’re just like, I’m.

[00:17:18] I’m not bloated and I’m not as gassy. And I have my bowel movements are a lot smoother. That’s um, that’s rare though. I would say said that most of my clients have pretty severe either constipation or diarrhea.

[00:17:35] Sydney: Yeah. Yeah. And, and because that is. Something that is so important to health and wellness. It’s, it’s really fun to watch it change. And, and during the reset, I feel like the reset can, can really take on its own personality when it comes to each individual, like Nikki said, just making it have, having it be something that is specific to a client is really important.

[00:18:00] So in this situation, you know, she was coming with pretty regular. Regular diarrhea. And so with that, we did kind of like Nikki described her client. We did really kind of a carnivore reset where really a lot of, a lot of animal based stuff. And over the course of that, you know, reset. She totally cleared up and digestion was so much better and her food choices were amazing and her sleep was better.

[00:18:33] And all of these really wonderful things. And then she, towards the end, she’s like, it’s weird to just have like one bowel movement or two to a day it’s like, and, and the urgency is gone. And like this, the fear is gone and. And then we started adding things back in and she just got better and better and better like instant.

[00:18:51] And then her, her bowel movements regulated even more so like when we started adding stuff back in that she needed that reset. And then we added stuff back in and she was super excited to add stuff back in where she added in veggies. Right. She added in some really simple non-starchy veggies and everything just got better and better and better.

[00:19:11] It was so fun to watch. And she was just so good at data. I. I loved working with her cuz she had data on her sleeping. She had labs done with her doctor before and after. So super fun things like her cholesterol totally came down. I don’t know, 30, 40 points. And her there’s a, a cool number that you can do with your, with your cholesterol, where you divide your triglycerides by your, HDL.

[00:19:40] And it will give you kind of this indicator, whether or not you have, um, insulin resistance going on. And that went, you know, it’s supposed to be under two and it went from like 2.5 to like one or 1.5, just awesome. She made such good progress in a, in a short amount of time, but those numbers are all fun and everything, but also she just had energy.

[00:19:59] Her digestion felt so much better. She felt happier. She felt like she could sleep better. She felt like she could out outdo her teenager. When it came to doing chores and outside work, and it’s just super fun. I love, I love the simple in, in a short amount of time, the changes that can happen in a human body when given what it needs.

[00:20:19] Nikki: I love hearing about that because it like you guys, we can just go on and on and on it’s so fun. So the last client that I’m gonna talk about is, um, 70 plus . And so I love sharing this story because it is. To bust the myth that you’re too old to change or that getting old is all about your body falling apart.

[00:20:43] And you can’t enjoy the things that you love. And I just love busting that myth because it is not true. It is just not true. Your body is built to last and if you treat it well, then it will last just like a car. If you don’t. I remember my husband and I, when we were engaged. He, um, we were going somewhere and he drove my car.

[00:21:05] He was driving my car and, and he’s like, when was the last time you got the oil changed on this? And I was like, I don’t know. and he just said, can’t you hear that it needs an oil change. I’m like, no, he, he was working at Jiffy lube at the time. So he knew very well what cars needed and his dad was a mechanic.

[00:21:27] And. So, um, but it was just very clear to him what needed to be done to help that car last. And I was neglecting it. And so the car, he knew that if I continued to neglect it, it would not last nearly as long as it could. Our bodies are no different. If we neglect them, if we abuse them, if we put off taking care of it until another time, then.

[00:21:54] It will not last as long. So my client was recently diagnosed within the past, uh, was probably within the past year with type two diabetes. And she is on, uh, high blood pressure medication and she was scheduled to get a knee replacement surgery. And so we started working together a couple of weeks before the surgery.

[00:22:23] and she got the surgery and it was not looking good. It was not looking good. She was not, um, she was just not healing well, and it was really painful. And so we had our work cut out for us. And so we just did what Sid and I talk about. It’s just the usual things, helping her get hydrated, helping her, helping her digestion, calm down.

[00:22:49] and helping her balance, her blood sugar, all of the things that we do, like we just said that help all bodies gas makes all cars go unless it’s electric, I guess. Right. So, but if you give, if you give it fuel, it will go. And same thing with bodies, there are just some very foundational things that help all bodies.

[00:23:14] So we were doing the foundations. And then it got really exciting. She started in with the reset and. Just saw some amazing, amazing results. There was a little caveat here though, because she was recovering from a major surgery and she had been given some antibiotics during the surgery. She had been given, um, some other drugs during the surgery that we needed to help her body.

[00:23:40] Get rid of and recover from. And so we were dealing with some pretty major gut issues right after the surgery because of those antibiotics. And so there was just a, there was just a little bit more intricate details and she is older. And so. But guys it only took like three months, maybe four months of working together.

[00:24:02] And she was going in for her post-op and had run out of her, her diabetes medication two weeks before. And hadn’t had the chance to refill the, the prescription. So she went in and was doing her post-op. And it was so cool. They thought at the beginning, because the surgery was doing so poorly or the surgery recovery was doing so poorly that they were gonna have to go in and manipulate the scar tissue because it just wasn’t going, it just was hardening too much and she wasn’t able to move her knee.

[00:24:35] And so we were all just like crossing our fingers. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. And they went in and they’re like, This looks great. And they took her blood sugar numbers and she was not diagnosed as a type two diabetic any longer. And her blood pressure was doing amazingly well and she’d lost 15 pounds. so.

[00:24:58] Like, so if you’re out there and you’re thinking to yourself that this is not a possibility for you, that yeah, that’s all fine and good Sydney, you guys are in your forties. So that’s, you know, that’s when you can still improve your health and, and that’s when you still have control over your future. but I’m too old and there’s nothing that can be done.

[00:25:16] And this is my fate. For those of you that might be thinking that I just wanna tell you that you do not have to be locked in. There are amazing things that can happen no matter what age you.

[00:25:29] Sydney: So I hope you walk away with a little bit of hope. And that you don’t have to eat gross food and feel, um, amazing. You can eat delicious food and feel amazing. You also don’t have to eat the standard American diet and feel a terrible forever. There’s so many things you can do in simple ways to be able to make progress.

[00:25:49] And we would love it. If you want to do it with us, if you’re feeling like this is something that’s hard to take on yourself, come and do it with us. We are currently in the middle of a week of no sugar and you can come and join us for that. If you want to, and, and just jump, jump in and start where you are right now, there’s never a better time than today to get on the bandwagon.

[00:26:15] And if not, if you feel like you need even more support, then come and, and send us an email. Come sign up for, A consult with us Thank you for joining us today. We hope you are going to go and eat a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner with nutrient dense foods and drink your water and pay attention to the things happening in your present life right now.

[00:26:38] And we’ll see next week. 

[00:26:41] Nikki: If you want to permanently change your lifestyle to nourish your body in ways that create the foundation for wellness. A really great place to start is with our sugar. 

[00:26:51] Sydney: It’s a free digital package that you can use to help you actually remember the five things that you need to be doing every day. It also includes tutorials that you’re going to love.

[00:27:01] Get the sugar bundle for free by going to coaching with Nikki and sydney.com backslash sugar. And if you’ve already downloaded the bundle, we’d love it. If you would rate and review us on apple podcasts, it will help us to reach more people. 

[00:27:18] Nikki: The information on this podcast has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat. Or cure any disease. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice, treatment and or diagnosis of a qualified, licensed professional. 

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