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Nutritional Therapy

One on One coaching for those who want their changes to last generations

Do you feel stuck?

You can feel better!

The Lifestyle Reset is Simple


Learn the what and the why of Nutritional Therapy for Hormone Harmony


Receive a personalized protocol to put Nutritional Therapy into action in your life.


Receive support through 1 on 1 coaching sessions and access to ask all your important questions

The Reset Program Includes:

Resource Library

Learn the secrets to success! Education is motivation. We have courses that will teach you the most important parts of Nutritional therapy so our meetings can focus on you and not on teaching.

Health Assessment Quiz

At the beginning and end of the program you will receive a comprehensive 300 question assessment that will give you insights into your nutrient needs.

Daily accountability

Every day you will keep a "Food and Mood" journal. The data you gather with this journal is how you make the most progress. You'll get feedback on this journal throughout the week and will be used in our weekly meeting.

One on One coaching

Weekly private coaching session where the magic happens and it all comes together.

Welcome to the Lifestyle Reset!

Hi! I'm Sydney, FNTP

I'm Nikki! fntp, Bchn®
Board Certified in holistic nutrition

We believe you can overcome sugar addiction; permanently

We’ve been addicted to sugar and been way out of balance.  So have our families. 

Adult tantrums. Irritability. Confusion. Dragging every afternoon. Hair loss. Fatigue. Always needing a pick me up. Feeling caught in a downward spiral. Depressed.  Anxious. Extreme worry. Ashamed of extreme worry. Compensating with sugar or soda. Guilt. Giving in to constant social pressure to always indulge.  ALWAYS tired. But Nutritional Therapy changed all that for us and we know it can change things for you too.

We know you feel stuck

We know you are addicted to sugar.  We know you’ve nearly given up hope that you could ever overcome having sugar boss you around.  We know you are confused and wary of another fad diet or extreme change you’ll never be able to maintain.

We want to give you hope and better health

There is hope.  You can feel better.  You can make lasting changes one tiny step at time.  We’d love to show you how.

We are both certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners

We aren’t just a couple of moms who think they’ve found some stuff that might help.  We’re both graduates of and in good standing with the Nutritional Therapy Association. Nikki is in good standing and is  Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®  by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. 

The Reset isn't a fad or trend or diet


Lifestyle reset

Choose Change

Start feeling better now!

12 Week Lifestyle Reset
Private Coaching

On my personal journey to improve my health I was finally diagnosed with Hashimotos. I met Nikki a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who jump started me on the right path. She was able to identify fundamental problems like digestion, toxicity, mineral deficiencies, and encouraged me to pursue more ways to improve my health and wellness. She is so very supportive always positive and an excellent nutritional coach.
Maria Haynes
Mother of 4

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Sugar Addiction?
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  • DIY YOGURT VIDEO – healthier, easier, cheaper.

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